Another Look at Walmart’s Online Strategy —

CNN examines Walmart’s online strategy, noting that the company is fighting back against Amazon with strategic online apparel acquisitions as well as increased grocery alternatives. This one-two punch allows Walmart to cater to the needs of working families while attracting a more sophisticated demographic:

“Walmart (WMT) is marching forward with a two-track strategy designed for different customer segments: It’s offering cheaper and more convenient ways to buy groceries for its low-and-middle income base, while acquiring high-end brands— including Bonobos and Modcloth— to draw wealthier shoppers long wary of Walmart’s image.”

P.S. Many of the stories we run focus on Walmart’s efforts to broaden its target demographic. As a supplier, you may be able to help Walmart in its goals. Reviewing your assortment and different products to your buyer might prove to be a win-win for your retail partnership.  If you’re unsure about the process, our experts can help. Get in touch today and schedule a consultation.

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