Amazon May Enter Fuel Cell Forklift Industry — Quartz

Amazon isn’t just looking to improve its supply chain efficiency, it may end up an owner of a forklift supplier:

A peerless logistics operation is crucial as customers go online to do ever more of their retail shopping. Amazon’s bid on Plug Power appears to be a way to lower costs and speed up operations in warehouses where as much as 25% of the electricity bill can go to powering forklifts. Amazon plans to use fuel-cell forklifts at 11 of its fulfillment centers, and the deal suggests the companies will explore fuel-cell engine applications for its parcel trucks as well.

Supplier Takeaway

Amazon isn’t playing around, and neither is Walmart. This investment shows that Amazon wants to dominate retail even at the supply chain level. What’s next for retail? What’s next for your business?

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