2020 Consumer Trends: 1 Source, Labeling, and CBD


What is today’s consumer demanding and what’s rolling out in the months ahead? It’s part of our conversation with this week’s podcast guest Michael Turley. Michael is CEO of Zephyr Foods and returns to the show after touring the 2019 Expo East to see what’s new for the season and 2020.

Zephyr Foods was recently honored to be the only Arkansas-based company selected for the NEXTY Award out of 400 applicants! The NEXTY Awards are a twice-annual awards program in which New Hope Network recognizes the most innovative, inspirational and integrity-driven products in the natural products industry. The company was recognized for its 1 Source beef in the category of Best New Meat, Dairy, or Animal-Based Product.

In our conversation with Michael, we discuss what he observed at the show, what consumers are demanding from suppliers, and what’s on its way to store shelves. The hot topics include:

  • The rapid growth of CBD and the numerous consumable products rolling out with this popular ingredient
  • The growing demand for products like Zephyr’s 1 Source line, allowing consumers to trace protein foods back to a single animal
  • Improved product labeling on items from sports drinks to detergent
  • Next steps for Zephyr Foods’ 1 Source line and their expansion into the Kosher beef industry

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