Update on the Update: Walmart’s New OT & IF with CaseStack

Walmart’s On Time and In Full (OT&IF) continues to evolve, and the reality of the latest update is beginning to hit suppliers. Separating the On Time and In Full as independent measurements changes the game drastically on the scorecard as well as the chance for penalties. To get a better idea of the impact on supply chain and consolidators, Colby Beland of CaseStack joins the podcast this week.

Colby has been working with suppliers on Walmart’s OT&IF since it was launched two years ago. This is our first visit with him since the 2019 Supplier Summit where suppliers learned about the updates and how they will be measured this year.

During our discussion, we ask Colby how suppliers (as well as consolidators) are adapting to the new measurements. We also get his advice for Walmart suppliers on what they need to do today to get their OT&IF in check before the busy seasons ahead.

Finally, we get an update on capacity in today’s supply chain. The industry has been impacted by truck driver shortages, unpredictable weather, and tariffs in the last couple of years among other issues. Colby brings us up to date on supply chain today and how suppliers can prepare to meet demand going forward.

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